Family Tradition

A short story. # URGENT - FINAL DEMAND, the envelope in Adam’s hand yelled. He was sat next to his wife, Emma, who lay facing the ceiling, silent and still, in her hospital bed. He’d been asking her what to do. Which dead end should he try next. But to have gotten an answer out of Emma, … Continue reading Family Tradition

What’s My Name?

A short story. I After ten years in the same spot, Baku stopped sleeping in his scraggy basket tucked away in the recess below the bedroom window. Our cat didn’t move far at first, only a few feet to the rug at the foot of the bed. It was there my husband and I would … Continue reading What’s My Name?

every invented god – on depression and meaning

Depression often comes to me with the belief that those who are not depressed are the ones actually living the lie; depression is how things really are, it is the correct, and only, face to put towards reality. It feels that those without depression have yet to see this truth; they have not seen that … Continue reading every invented god – on depression and meaning

The Tenth Row – A Short Story for Halloween

The Tenth Row was previously published in a Halloween special from the Yellow Chair Review (which now doesn't seem to exist). The Tenth Row You take your place near the centre. It’s your favourite seat. The shifting light from the advert flickers across your face. It’s half past eleven on a Tuesday morning. You prefer this time to come to the cinema. Now that you’re unemployed, you come as often as … Continue reading The Tenth Row – A Short Story for Halloween